Bespoke tactile vibrating garment, worn during your VR journey.

“…a visceral vibration responsive experience on the lower abdomen.”

In order to create a fully immersive experience, the tactile sense could not be ignored. A bespoke garment – the Haptic Corset. Each corset is embedded with eight vibration motors which pulse in different patterns and intensities, depending on your position within the experience.

Each participant is dressed with a Haptic Corset before their journey begins. Sensations are felt on the lower abdomen which relate to, and are triggered by, the various stories, events and objects experienced in the VR realm.

“Tactility, texture and form; expressed and embodied interactivity through fashion, textile and print reinforces this immersive story.”

- Bushra Burge

Wearables / Fashion Designer


Organza / Organic Voiles over faux-leather were used to create the main body of the Haptic Corset. These materials are both printed with imagery taken from objects found within the VR experience itself.

Hand-dyed woollen felt balls are attached to an adjustable waistband, representing polyps, fibroids and growths found within the body.

The electronics of the wearable are fashioned from an Arduino Bluno Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) Board, which allows for wireless connection to the Unity build, and interaction with events unfolding in the VR space.