Personal interactive VR journey using the Oculus Quest 2.

“Abstract organic imagery…representing disease in the form of artistic objects inspired by nature”

A maximum of three participants may enter the dome at any one time. Please check our current COVID precautions for full details.

Each are fitted with the Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset and hand controller units. This technology transports you into a fully immersive 360° audio / visual space, where your INTER/her journey will happen.

Your VR experience is part narrated story, and part free exploration of the female inner world. Look around and move at will within VR space, interact with artifacts, discover secrets and listen to personal stories shared by other women.

“A bespoke soundtrack blends with ambient atmospherics, evoking the omnipresent effects of breath, heartbeat, and life.”

“Spatialised sound delivers the voices of women telling their stories, their disease experiences, opening up to share their own personal journeys.”

“All sound serves to support the main narrative, moving participants ever onward to the next story, promoting empathy, allowing visitors time to relate to the experiences of those women whose voices are heard.”

- Kat Austen

Composer / Sound Designer

The inner workings and various reproductive organs inside the female body are rendered in abstract artistic form. We have used the visual essence of organic objects to represent some of the many different diseases that women endure.

While people can roam freely between stories, during each story the visitor is held in place to examine each object fully, while taking in the experience from each emotional recounting.

Navigating INTER/her

Part narrative, part journey, INTER/her allows you to enter, explore and interact with a beautiful 360° immersive space, filled with artistic organic objects.

Although remaining safely seated, visitors may nonetheless look around, move and navigate freely through the VR realm using the headset + hand controllers.

Approaching a visual object triggers one of the many personal stories, whereupon you are invited to pause, listen, and empathise with the experience of another.

Although immersive VR has been known to cause symptoms of motion sickness in a very small percentage of people, we have addressed this in two ways:

First, by having participants remain seated and safe throughout their experience.

Second, our Oculus Quest 2 headsets support a frame rate of up to 90Hz, which is far better than the older 72Hz models, and is considered high enough to prevent the effects of motion sickness.

In the extremely unlikely event that you feel nausea during your experience, simply remove your headset or ask your guide for assistance.