Things to be aware of before you visit the INTER/her project.

“…a very important subject that needs to be discussed. ”



INTER/her is a mobile installation, on display in online exhibitions and physical gallery spaces around the UK. Please see our LOCATIONS page for the latest details.

Ticket purchase links are available on our DATES / TIMES page. Ticketing is powered by Eventbrite. Simply follow the link for your chosen date and location, then follow the instructions to book your tickets. Please note that the online exhibitions do not require tickets.

Walk-ins are now possible if there are available sessions. However we recommend pre-booking if possible to avoid disappointment or long waiting times.

INTER/her is an immersive audio/visual installation which uses sight, sound and touch to convey the experience. We regret that some visitors may not be able to fully participate, however we will do our best to accommodate needs on a person-by-person basis. Please email us in advance of your visit at:

Yes, absolutely. We hope that greater awareness of these issues will encourage empathy and understanding, regardless of gender.

Yes, absolutely. Please consider all references to women as reading: “…women and those with uteruses.” For reasons of brevity and readability we hope you understand why the short form is used in our website text.

You can find extensive image galleries and more information about the INTER/her project on Camille’s personal website at:
Yes. Camille’s current work is a sister project to INTER/her. Entitled Mammary Mountain, this new project uses immersive VR and haptics to explore survivors stories of breast cancer treatment. Learn more at: